My name is Avril Paton, I am a Scottish artist living and working in the City of Glasgow UK. When I started to make a life here in 1982, the city and it's citizens became, right from the start, the principle focus of my artistic striving's.

I can honestly say that I fell in love with the people and places that became part of my daily life. The feelings were so strong  that they drove forward and sustained my work for many years. 

The best known of the series 'Windows in the West' was completed in 1993. 

The latest and the last 'The Four Graces' was completed in 2016. It depicts a time, in a day, in the life of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; a place much loved by generations of Glaswegians and others. 

The Scottish Prints featured here are produced, published and signed by myself. Prints signed by me are exclusive to this site.

I hope you will stay for a look !

Avril Paton